LUCI Annual General Meeting 2013 Will Be Held in Guangzhou in November

Release date:2013-8-14


Chen Jianhua ,Mayor of Guangzhou ,Conveyed the Expectation of Sharing Lighting Management Experience with Foreign Guests


2013 LUCI Annual General Meeting will be held in Guangzhou ,China ,on November 13 to 17.After  Gothenburg(Sweden ) in 2011and Medellin(Colombia) in 2012,cities and lighting experts worldwide are invited to Guangzhou (China) for the LUCI Annual General Meeting 2013.



Chen Jianhua,Mayor of Guangzhou, expressed that it¡¯s really a great honour for Guangzhou to hold the LUCI Annual meeting in 2013,to be able to present guests their achievement ,and above all ,to share ideas and experience with all LUCI members on urban lighting strategy and development .


Meanwhile,Mrs. Martine De Regge, president of LUCI and deputy mayor of Ghent,pointed out that LUCI member will have the opportunity to discover one of China¡¯s leading and pioneering cities in urban lighting ,furthermore LUCI Annual General Meeting 2013 in Guangzhou will definitely offer a new and unique occasion for their network to continue broadening its international horizons. As an important production base of new national lighting industry ,Guangzhou has held two international light festival and the biggest Asia lighting exhibition .Therefore it undoubtedly would bring advance technology and rich urban lighting experience to the world .

Guangzhou¡¯s Nightscape


In addition, Mabin ,secretary-General of AALD ,also said that the 2013 LUCI Annual General Meeting will offer city lighting governors around the world an efficient platform for communication, which can improve the administrative level of urban lighting construction and its advancement.


Chen Yaxin is invited to address at the meeting .From left is Mabin, and Anibal Gaviria Correa mayor of Medellin,and Chen Yaxin,Lanliuhe


The LUCI Annual General Meeting is a international urban lighting forum ,which offers  a chance for LUCI members to share experience,technology and learn from each other through all kinds of meeting.Chen Yaxin, deputy director of Guangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Committee,and Lan Liuhe deputy general director of Guangzhou lighting construction management center ,and Mabin secretary-General of AALD, were invited to South America to attend the 2012 LUCI Annual General Meeting in Medellin, Colombia. Director Chen Yaxin made a speech at the general meeting and invited lighting experts all over the world to attend the 2013 Annual General Meeting in Guangzhou.


This year,lighting experts and designers from 60 cities in the world and 30 cities in China will attend this international meeting in Guangzhou.At that time,focusing on Guangzhou¡¯s history and city development,a series of seminar will be held to show the encouraging achievement of urban lighting construction .By discussing how to make a good combination between lighting design and city development,the Annual General Meeting will  define how can Guangzhou,as China¡¯s metropolis and important industrial center,use light to develop its.What¡¯s more,in the meeting guests from 60 different countries can have a view on the excellent lighting engineering,lighting planning ,light festival in the world.Moreover,Guests can visit the Canton Tower to have a bird's-eye view of Guangzhou¡¯s nightscape.

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