LUCI Annual General Meeting 2013,Theme Conference Focusing on Guangzhou Lighting

Release date:2013-12-2


LUCI Annual General Meeting 2013,organized by Guangzhou Municipal People¡¯s Government and LUCI,was held in Guangzhou on November 13 to 17.Specifically the international urban lighting conference on November 14 analyzed Guangzhou¡¯s urban lighting focusing oncity construction, lighting construction and landmark lighting,presenting a new Guangzhou to cities at home and abroad.



Rong Haolei ,director of Lighting Design and Research Department ,Tsinghua Tong Heng Urban Planning and Design Institute, was invited to be the moderator of the meeting



First of all,Ye Haojun, deputy director of Guangzhou Planning Bureau,made a speech focusing on the historical and cultural characteristics of Guangzhou as well as its evolution,pointing out that Guangzhou is dedicating to the project of build itself a city of finance, wisdom, innovation,ecological environment,health, and set up the Airport Economic Area, Guangzhou South Railway Station Business District and Huangpu Port Business District .At this moment, partial results have been seen,plan and scheme have finished,the project is a diamond in the rough.



Later,Chen Yaxin, deputy director of Guangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Committee, did a presentation focusing on the topic of lighting planning and urban lighting construction in Guangzhou,emphasizing that Guangzhou¡¯s urban lighting strategy,which focusing on public security ,beautiful city , environment-friendly and energy-saving,is beneficial to Guangzhou social development.Action have been taken to build a  safe, environmental and beautiful Guangzhou.




At last,Guanxudong,Executive President of Guangdong Private Enterprise Cooperation Association ,made a speech focusing on LED technology in urban lighting-trends and opportunities.He address the with the development of Internet and mobile technology and innovation of democratization, smart city becomes the senior form of informational city after digital city in the knowledge-based society.


More than two hundred people attended the meeting at that day,listening carefully. Later ,audiences and Nanfang Daily  took part in  discussion actively ,and interacted with speaker.


Next is Liangshuo,deputy general manager of Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group Co.,Ltd. and president of Guangzhou New Canton Tower Construction Co., Ltd ,focusing on the theme of shinning tower in Zhunjiang New Town ,and introduction new axis lighting design of Guangzhou nightscape As the landmark of Guangzhou, the Canton Tower,with Chigang pagoda,Haixinsha,Huacheng square and Zhongxin square,  comprised the axis of Guangzhou ,revealing the modern city¡¯s glamour, glory and great spirit .


It is true that illumination should be rational ,harmonious and make people happy.Just like reading,it will hurt our eyes if the light is too bright or too dark,while appropriate light can make readers happy,which is the same to architecture or landscape lighting ,appropriate light also can reveal the beauty and temperament of building.But what is appropriate light ? Government and some experts should set up a standard.


We will continue to report tomorrow  morning¡¯s China Urban lighting Construction symposium ,which  will show the plan and strategy of city lighting in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing.So stay tuned.

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