The Welcome Cocktail of 2013 LUCI Annual General Meeting:Foreign Guests¡¯impression on Fantastic Guangzhou¡ª¡ªCanton Tower were dolled up in red to celebrate the welcome cocktail

Release date:2013-12-2



On the evening of November13,the Welcome Cocktail of 2013 LUCI was held on the ¡°Nanhai Shenhao¡±. More than two hundred guests ,from 60 countries and 30 cities in China,had a boat trip on the Pearl River,enjoying the beautiful nightscape.


Gonghaijie, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou


Gonghaijie,Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou,delivered a gracious and eloquent remarks,extended a warm welcome speech to two hundred guests at home and abroad.Just like Mr Gong said ¡°it is such a delight to have friends coming from afar¡±, Canton Tower was in red dress to welcome the guests.


The welcome cocktail is held in ¡° Nanhai Shenhao¡±


In recent year , the government upgraded the buildings¡¯landscape along the Pearl River and created many unique scenic spots,like the Canton Tower,Haixinsha,Haizhu bride,the Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yai-Sen¡¯s Mansion and so on.Along side the Pearl River, we can experience the history ,culture,and newest cultural landscape of Guangzhou and enjoy the beauty of lighting construction through the building of different times , which reflect and shine mutually .Many guests said that it¡¯s wonderful to tour the Pearl River at night with people in the same industry.


From left is Tanwei,the president of Luci,Wangjinsui,Lishuhua


At that night,Martine De Regge,the president of LUCI ,deputy mayor of Ghent, pointing to the Haizhu Bridge and Jiefang Bridge ,told Guangzhou Daily ,Nanfang Daily ,Yangcheng Evening News,Southern Metropolis Daily, Information Times and New Express in the interview that Guangzhou was blazing with color ,which was very beautiful,especially the bridge here.Since her our nation,the use of warm soft white light made the hole city very quiet,while Guangzhou was vigorous and energetic.

Martine also mentioned that light in each city was different.In Europe,the city¡¯s nightscape in the south were more colorful because of cultural diversity. Guangzhou¡¯s nightscape was so amazing,she looked forward to enriching and fruitful event in the next two days.


Deputy director Lan Liuhe was chatting with the guest

Although it was a little cold after raining,the Canton Tower was shinning with red light ,conveying a sense of warm and energy.In fantastic and colorful night,the guest all addicted to the discission ,appreciating the bright star and light,expressing their views with each other.


Deputy director Chenyaxin,Mabin,the President of LUCI


The Welcome Cocktail was hosted LUCI and Guangzhou Municipal People¡¯s Government and organized by Guangzhou Yuang Guang Lighting Service Co.,Ltd.During the party,Hourongquan, director of Construction Commission of Guangzhou Municipality,and deputy director Chenyaxin, and Xieshaobo ,director of  environment construction center,and Tanwei,general director of Guangzhou lighting construction management center,and deputy director Lanlliuhe, and other representatives from 30 cities in China  attended the opening ceremony.


The Annual Meeting was held on November 13 to 17 ,November 14 was the opening ceremony in Grand Hyatt Hotel inviting leaders of Guanghzhou municipal government to deliver a keynote speech focusing on Guangzhou¡¯s city lighting construction .And then ,on November 15,leaders from Beijing,Shanghai,Chongqing and other metropolis discussed and shared critical informations positioning in lighting planning, construction and management.In addition ,on November16 to 17,after meeting, guests had on-the-spot investigation into local lighting project and enjoyed the traditional Culture of Southern China.

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