Chen Lijian

Chen Lijian
Company:Chen Lijian Architectural Space Design Co., Ltd.
Job:Director,Executive Director of AALD

Industry Titles and Positions:

Member of IFI International Interior Designer Alliance
Professional Member of China Interior Decoration Association
Member of China Interior Design Academic Committee
Vice Chairman of Design Committee, China Building Decoration Association
Director of Guangdong Environmental Art Design Industry Association
Vice Chairman of Design Committee, Guangzhou Building Decoration Industry Association



Chen Lijian graduated from the Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in ****. After graduation, he pursued further studies in architectural design at South China University of Technology. He then went abroad for advanced studies and returned to Hong Kong to establish his own company. He later extended his brand to mainland China and gradually formed an excellent design team.

After profound contemplation on the value of design for social development, Mr. Chen Lijian pioneeringly proposed the new concept of "integrated design based on professionalism" called "Whole System Design". This concept fully integrates planning, architecture, landscape, lighting, interior, and smart design, allowing different design disciplines to collaborate effectively. This has achieved milestone progress in creating a win-win situation for design firms, real estate developers, and consumers.


Awards for Whole System Projects:

Jinjiang Hotel New Building Clubhouse Project - Bronze Award at the 5th Guangzhou Architectural Decoration Design Competition
-Poly Qinghua Yi Garden K Model Showroom Project - Bronze Award at the 5th Guangzhou Architectural Decoration Design Competition, Beautiful Home Cup
 Nansha Ao Yuan District Five - Third Prize for Excellent Engineering Design in Guangzhou in 2012
Vanke Jinyu Blue Bay - Jin Tianyou Award for Residential Development at the 2011 Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Project
Vanke Four Seasons Flower City - Third Prize for Excellent Engineering Survey and Design in Guangdong Province in 2009, Second Prize for Excellent Design in 2008
Xi'an University of Finance and Economics - Golden Award for Municipal Engineering Demonstration Project in 2009
Pearl River New Town Nanya Zhonghe ** Lighting Design - Outstanding Work Award from Lighting Weekly in 2009 

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