Terms & Conditions


Which projects are eligible for submission?

1. Between 2021 and 2023, lighting design projects or light art-related projects completed in Asia; for projects in other regions, the designers are required to be Asian lighting designers or members of the Asian Association of Lighting Designers(AALD).

2. The project has performed well in lighting design and has been highly appraised by users and the industry.


Type of Project

Type A- Lighting design for a single building (non-temporary buildings) or city blocks in outdoor settings.

Type B-Lighting design for temporary buildings (such as sales offices, temporary exhibition halls, etc.).

Type C-Lighting design for roadways, bridges, parks, and plazas.

Type D-Lighting design for various indoor spaces within buildings

Type E-Cultural and tourism lighting design

Type F-Artworks of light and shadow (artistic installations utilizing natural or artificial light, such as light installations,new media art pieces etc.).


Entry Fee



Image Submission Guidelines

You must submit your declaration materials online. Each project can submit up to 15 images, with each image not exceeding 3MB in size and having a resolution of 300-600dpi. Only .JPG (.jpeg, .jpg) files are allowed. You can also submit video files.


Entry and Submissions

Please note that no entry will be processed unless the entry fee has been received. Work submitted without proper materials and payment will be disqualified. After April 15, 2024, entries cannot be altered.


Use and ownership of materials

Copyright and all other rights are owned by the designer or the rightful owner.Any application materials used by the Asian Lighting Design Awards should be clearly marked with the source. We can use the materials in any sponsor publications. All applicants understand that we can use any submitted materials for promotional purposes, including in any media directly related to the Asian Lighting Design Awards, such as exhibitions, print and digital media, but may not provide monetary compensation.

The Asian Lighting Design Awards will not be responsible for any material submitted in violation of competition rules or copyright regulations. We will make our best efforts to investigate allegations of copyright infringement, delete projects that clearly violate copyright, and cancel the eligibility for submission. We will take action to maintain the integrity of the competition and its affiliated entities, but will not be responsible for any losses caused by submission of materials in violation of rules and regulations.


The Selection process

The Jury’s evaluation and vote is based on a range of criteria that are constantly adapted to current design standards. The entry categories are assigned to the jury members based on their expertise. This ensures that each category is evaluated by the jury experts who are most qualified to assess those entries.

All winners will receive the trophy and certificate of the Asian Lighting Design Awards, and they are entitled to use them for commercial purposes to promote their  achievements.Attaining an Asian Lighting Design Award not only signifies a noteworthy accomplishment in design but also stands as an excellent promotional motif to highlight the achievements of the award recipients.



You can declare your project in multiple categories as you see fit. However, the jury and staff will not switch your declared project to different categories without your written consent.