Introduction & Entry


About the Asian Lighting Design Awards

The Asian Lighting Design Awards, organized by the Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) , were instituted against the backdrop of the United Nations International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies(IYL 2015). It holds the endorsement of the IYL 2015 Committee. Positioned as one of the preeminent and influential accolades in the realm of lighting design within the Asian context, it symbolizes excellence and innovation in the luminous realm.


The 2024 Invitation for Submissions

The journey towards the Asian Lighting Design Awards commences with the unveiling of the Invitation for Submissions, opening on December 29, 2023, and concluding for standard entries on April 15, 2024.

Design firms are encouraged to submit qualifying projects through the AALD digital declaration platform (click here to enter herewithin the stipulated submission timeframe. Enthusiastic firms are highly encouraged to scrutinize the Declaration Conditions (click here to enter hereto grasp the eligibility criteria that must be met, the requisite project information, and the accompanying materials and releases essential for submitting a valid entry.

CRITICAL: The person tasked with inputting project details on the submission portal must possess (or establish) an account on the AALD digital declaration platform to proceed. This individual does not have to be among those credited for the project's lighting design. We eagerly anticipate the participation of more outstanding projects in this year's award competition!