Chang Ying

Chang Ying
Company:TORYO International Lighting Design (Beijing) Center Co., Ltd.
Job:Design Director,Member of AALD

Representative projects:

Beijing Zhongguancun Street Nightscape Lighting Design

Shenzhen Shennan Avenue Luohu section night lighting design

Suzhou High-speed Railway New City Lighting Master Planning, Planning & Design and Schematic Design

Xiamen City Key Area Nightscape Lighting Enhancement Project Conceptual Program Design

Conceptual design of the lighting project for the "Beautiful Qingdao SCO Summit".



Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center Nightscape Lighting Project (First Prize of China Lighting Society)

Xiamen Key Area Nightscape Lighting Design (First Prize of China Lighting Society)

Nightscape Lighting Project along Zhongshan Road, Ningbo (Second Prize of China Lighting Society)

Dai Show Theatre Lighting Design(IES -The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America)

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