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Year 2015 is doomed to be an internationally unusual year for the lighting industry. In Asia, Chinese President Xi puts forward “One Belt One Road” development strategy and provides lighting industry a rare historical booming opportunity. Under a variety of infrastructure construction and development plan, Asian Lighting Design Awards, which is hosted by Asian Association of Lighting Designers, endorsed by International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) and organized by Yang Guang Media, officially began its enrollment.

“Asian Lighting Design Awards” has begun to enroll.
The Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) has always been focusing on the career development of Asian lighting designers as its mission, and dedicates to serve lighting designers in Asia. Being one of its events to be held during IYL2015, Asian Lighting Design Awards was announced to be ready by AALD this June at 2015 Light Night.

What is Asian Lighting Design Awards?
Asian Lighting Design Awards mainly rewards the projects that have excellent contributions on the outstanding technical and research developments, innovative design, energy-efficient and successful applications, which have been highly praised by the users. This awards, which is endorsed by International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015), is one of the most influential awards in the Asian lighting design field.

Asian Lighting Design Awards is aimed to present more excellent lighting projects with outstanding achievements and experiences, to enhance the overall strength of the Asian lighting industry. Moreover, this awards provides an interaction and communication platform for the lighting industry and improve the technical and occupational development of lighting manufacturers, designers, engineers, college/institution scientific researchers in different subdivision fields. This awards would also strengthen the cooperation with the mass media to deliver the correct criteria of good lighting to the public and make their life better through improving the quality of light.

The Features of the Awards:
Make comprehensive assessments mainly based on the visual result, innovative and energy-efficient design, installation implementation of the project, as well as the satisfaction from the owner.

Invite the industrial senior experts as the member of the inspection & evaluation team, and the users’ evaluation will also be included into the criteria for the review.

Pay close attention to the students with interest and talent on lighting, encourage them to join the field of lighting design and research.

“Asian Lighting Design Awards” now accept the declaration.
The Requirements of Applicants:

Any project finished in Asia during 2012-2015 that have made an innovative achievement in the aspects of lighting design, installation and product applied, being highly recognized by the users and the industry.

The Procedure of Evaluation:
The application, recommendation, evaluation and awarding of Asian Lighting Design Awards will seek truth from facts, follow the principle of the openness, fairness and impartiality. The Inspection & evaluation team of the Organization Committee, which is consists of Asian lighting industry experts, including well-known professors of colleges and universities, scientific researchers of institutions, industry organization officers, architectural design masters, interior design masters as well as user, will inspect the projects passed the qualification review by the organization committee working group, and make the final decision and select the winners.

The important dates:
Application is open to submit since June 2015, and the deadline is April 2016.
The result will be declared in May 2016, and the awards ceremony will be held on 8th June 2016, concurrently held with the 12th Asia Lighting Art Symposium.

For more information or submit an application, please go toApplication Form-Asian Lighting Design Awards.doc

Wishes from Mr. Ren Yuanhui, the First President of AALD

In order to accelerate the progress of lighting engineering design in Asia, as well as enhance the development of lighting industry, Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) sets up the Asian Lighting Design Awards. I am looking forward to discover more edge-cutting lighting achievements through this awards, and I truly believe this awards will contribute to the development of new technologies and products application of lighting in Asia.

Mr Ren Yuanhui
The first President of Asian Association of Lighting Designer (AALD)