Green and Low-carbon Ecosystem

 The Green and Low-carbon Technology Ecosystem Event was Successfully Held in Beijing



On October 20th, 2023, the Green and Low-Carbon Technology Ecosystem event was successfully held in Beijing, co-hosted by AALD and Jiuzhouyigui, and organized by Yangguang Media and Qingchengpinsheng. The theme of this event was "Mutual Empowerment, Creating Value Together", attracting representatives from the founding units of the ecosystem as well as industry professionals from the surrounding area to gather at Jiuzhouyigui to explore a new model of cross-industry development.


Yan Yonghong

At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Yan Yonghong, the Chairman of AALD and a Professor/Doctoral Supervisor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, gave an opening speech. She pointed out that in recent years, around the trend of industry development, AALD, in partnership with relevant partners, has actively built an eco-circle centered on green low-carbon technology. The new global low-carbon pattern is a new battlefield, and we must seize opportunities in this game and give full play to the advantages of all parties to promote win-win cooperation among all parties.


Cao Weidong

Mr. Cao Weidong, General Manager of Jiuzhouyigui, followed with an opening speech and introduced the company's basic situation. He mentioned that this year, Jiuzhouyigui had publicly issued stocks and become listed (stock code: 688485), and its products and services have been successfully applied to more than 100 rail transit construction projects in more than 30 cities across the country. He hopes to break down industry barriers through the Ecosphere series of activities, integrate green building, green lighting, green energy and other advantageous resources, achieve more efficient resource allocation and create broader value space. 

Rong Haolei

Mr. Rong Haolei, the Executive Director of AALD and the President of Beijing Institute of Photonics Research Institute, said at the meeting, "Although the industry is currently in a downward phase, I believe there are still opportunities within the risks. Through cross-border cooperation, we can integrate resources that were previously working individually. We need to identify the right direction and avoid falling into low-level repetitive or price competition. We can take digitization as a key entry point for high-quality development. In the future, by strengthening data reserves, we can obtain a more favorable industry position. Of course, this also requires understanding of national policies and mutual support among industries."


Bu Yaoting

Mr. Bu Yao-ting from Southern Power Grid Energy Saving Co., Ltd. believes that in the current lighting field, practitioners do not limit the development to the lighting itself, and more and more lighting professionals are starting to pay attention to new energy and dual carbon fields, indicating that the industry is moving towards a higher level of development. This year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has specifically established a new energy pavilion, but how to truly leverage the impact of dual carbon in the industry still needs further exploration. For companies, they need to have corresponding capabilities or branch businesses to meet the challenges of the dual carbon goal.


Ma Ye

Ms. Ma Ye, General Manager of Qingchengpinsheng, mentioned at the meeting that as a third-party lighting testing organization, Qingchengpinseng can collaborate with different industries horizontally and connect each link vertically. At the same time, she emphasized that through pre-evaluation and post-evaluation, whole-process data support and other methods, they can empower the in-depth development of various directions in the industry. In subdivisions, through scientific measurement methods, effective and accumulative data can be formed to provide a basis for analysis, and then standards can be formed. These standards can guide the high-quality development of the industry and promote the innovation and promotion of domestic products.

Ma Bin

The event was hosted by Mr. Ma Bin, Secretary-General of AALD and Chief Operating Officer of China Illumination Development Association. Dr. Ding Deyun, Deputy General Manager of Jiuzhouyigui, Ms. He Jianhua, General Manager of Hailan Qilai, Mr. Li Xudong and Ms. Zhang Mingyun from Langchao attended the meeting.