Asian Lighting Design Awards

 Call for Entries, 2024 Asian Lighting Design Awards



The Asian Lighting Design Awards, hosted by AALD, has also endorsed by the United Nations International Year of Light Committee. Positioned as one of the preeminent and influential accolades in the realm of lighting design within the Asian context, and will enter its ninth year in 2024. The application channel has been opened, and outstanding lighting projects are welcome to compete for the award, so that all of Asia and the world can see your masterpiece! Please click here or the registration entrance.


Deadlines and Submission Fees
1.The first batch deadline: February 14,2024
2.The second batch deadline: April 15, 2024
3.Award Ceremony: Light Night on June 8, 2024



Eligibility Requirements
1.Between 2021 and 2023, lighting design projects or light art-related projects completed in Asia; for projects in other regions, the designers are required to be Asian lighting designers or members of the Asian Association of Lighting Designers(AALD).
2. The project has performed well in lighting design and has been highly appraised by users and the industry.


Type of Projects
Type A-Single building(Non-temporary buildings) / City blocks
Type B-Temporary buildings (Such as: Sales office buildings, temporary exhibition halls, etc.)
Type C-Roads and Bridges / Parks / Squares
Type D-All kinds of indoor space
Type E-Cultural tourism lighting
Type F-Light art(That uses natural or artificial light to create, such as light art installation,new media art works)


Application Methods
There are three ways to apply for the award: nominated by the Nominating Committee Member of AALD, AALD Member's Application, and Regular Application. For more information on the list of Nominating Committee Member for 2024, please click here.


About the Asian Lighting Design Awards
The Asian Lighting Design Awards aim to recognize projects showcasing innovative thinking and artistic merit within the realm of lighting design, thereby advancing the progress of the lighting industry.Additionally, it advocates the integration of green and low-carbon principles, along with sustainable development concepts in design, to garner acclaim from end-users.
The crowning jewel of these awards, the Award of Asian Light, represents the epitome of excellence in lighting design. This highest honor will be bestowed upon the project that, through rigorous judgment among all submissions, embodies the pinnacle of innovation andartistry,setting the new standard in the ever-evolving realm of lighting design.