Asia Lighting Arts Symposium

 The 20th Asian Lighting Art Forum Draws to a Perfect Close!


The 20th Asian Lighting Art Forum, jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition Company and the Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD), and hosted by Yangguang Media, was successfully held at the Canton Fair Complex from June 9 to 10, 2024. The forum was themed "Light + AI – The Infinite Practice of Light," and meticulously planned with five specialized sessions, offering a wealth of practical content.

Light + Interior Session

This session is dedicated to the latest trends and innovative practices in lighting design, exploring how the use of light can enhance indoor environments and showcase the infinite possibilities and charm of light in interior design.

Kang Chenggu
Founder and General Manager of Huan Gu Dao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Ms. Kang Chenggu delivered a keynote speech titled "Application of Human-Light Interaction Systems," delving into the close relationship between lighting and communication, providing a detailed introduction to the concept of digital lighting, analyzing the expansion of digital lighting systems, and their application in human-light interaction planning. She also shared a case study of the integration of Bluetooth SIG MESH with human-light interaction systems, demonstrating the practical impact and significant value brought by digital lighting systems.

Mr. Zou Hui
General Manager and Chief Designer of Hangzhou Sanse Shi

Mr. Zou Hui, in his keynote speech titled "Interplay of Light and Shadow, Awakening Space," discussed that the barrier to entry for lighting design is low, as a single light source can illuminate a space. However, achieving excellence in lighting design is challenging, as it requires a blend of art and technology, with designers needing a high level of aesthetic cultivation and technical support.
He used projects such as the Tencent (Beijing) Headquarters, Shenzhen CR Finance Holdings Headquarters, Greentown China Hangzhou City Gallery, and Shanghai Debi Book City WE as examples to elucidate the importance of light and emphasize the need to focus on the application and creation of light in the design process.

Light + Architecture Session

This session focused on architectural lighting design, sharing how the interplay of light and shadow can breathe life into architecture, creating unique and artistically rich facades and interior spaces.

Mr. Yu Ce Hao

AALD Hong Kong Coordinator

Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. Yu Ce Hao, in his keynote speech titled "Perception-Driven Lighting Design," delved into the application of lighting design in visual perception and scientific research. He introduced the scientific principles behind the phenomenon of metamerism and its impact on art display, and discussed how multi-channel mixed-color LED can enhance the visual effects of artifact display and protect precious cultural relics. He also explored the topic of circadian lighting design for Antarctic research stations, explaining how artificial lighting technology can simulate natural light cycles in extreme environments without natural light to support the physiological and mental health of researchers.

Mr. Shi Haixiao
AALD Nanjing Coordinator/Senior Member
Associate Professor at the School of Art, Jiangsu University

Mr. Shi Haixiao delivered a speech titled "Breaking New Ground in Cultural Tourism Lighting in the Post-Pandemic Era." He discussed that in the post-pandemic era, the cultural tourism industry faces unprecedented challenges, especially in the field of cultural tourism lighting. By integrating traditional scenic area renovations and new rural construction projects, he provided directions and strategies for breaking new ground in cultural tourism lighting from four aspects: technological innovation, content innovation, cooperation model innovation, and service innovation. He also offered suggestions for the future development of the cultural tourism lighting industry, such as strengthening technological research and development, expanding financing channels, and deepening industrial cooperation.

Light + City Session

This session delved into the planning and design of urban lighting, discussing how light can illuminate cities, effectively enhance city image, and create a livable and tourist-friendly nighttime environment.

Mr. Wang Tian
Senior Member of AALD
Co-President of Beijing Qingmei Daohe Planning and Design Institute

Mr. Wang Tian, in his speech titled "High-Quality Urban Development - Case Sharing of the Guangdong Province Hundred-Thousand Project," discussed in detail the development direction of urban nightscape lighting in the new era, revealing the important role of lighting technology in enhancing the charm and quality of cities. He also pointed out the new opportunities brought by rural revitalization to the lighting industry, emphasizing the importance of lighting in improving rural environments and promoting rural tourism. Finally, he explained how the night economy supports the Guangdong Province Hundred-Thousand Project, highlighting the role of the night economy in promoting urban economic prosperity.

Mr. Feng Tiancheng
Director of Kaiyang Institute, Beijing Tongheng and Ming Optoelectronics Research Institute

Mr. Feng Tiancheng mentioned in his keynote speech titled "Reviving History with Light" that in urban lighting design, we need to pursue diverse recognition, including cultural heritage recognition, management and operation recognition, and recognition from citizens and tourists. Achieving this recognition requires balancing cultural protection with innovation, simplicity with diversity, and livability with nighttime economic benefits. He believes that lighting is the most cost-effective spatial material, not a display of technique but the use of the most suitable methods, innovative ideas, and solidly implemented technologies to revive the history of the city.

Light + Art Session

This session focuses on the relationship between light and art, leveraging a series of research data and complemented by lighting art installations, leading us to deeply feel the unique charm and emotional effects of light in the world of art.

Ms. Lin Yandan

Vice-Chairperson of AALD

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at the School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University

Ms. Lin Yandan, in her keynote speech titled "The Emotional Effects of Light," analyzed the mechanisms of emotions, elaborated on the quantitative representation of light spectra and colors that affect emotions, and revealed how light influences our emotional states. She also introduced the application of light's emotional effects in design, providing designers with new design ideas and inspiration.

Mr. Zhang Zengzeng
Teacher of the Sculpture Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Mr. Zhang Zengzeng's speech was titled "The Law of Conservation of Energy." He shared his years of creative works in installation art, which not only reflect his profound understanding of the law of conservation of energy but also perfectly integrate this scientific principle with art. He introduced the inspiration, design concept, and production process of each piece of work, conveying his reverence and love for science, nature, and art.

Light + AIGC Session

This session showcased the application of AIGC technology in lighting design, witnessing how artificial intelligence brings unprecedented creativity and inspiration to lighting design, and also discussed how AIGC helps designers improve their work efficiency and quality.

Mr. Zhang Jing
Founder of Design Union

Mr. Zhang Jing delivered a keynote speech titled "Building an Efficient Workflow with AI Tools." He demonstrated through a live demonstration how to integrate three advanced AI tools – ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion – to simulate a design project. This integration significantly enhances design efficiency and quality, achieving a seamless connection from concept generation to final design, thus creating a complete and efficient workflow.

Mr. Tan Liang
Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Digital Media Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Director of the Digital Art and Technology Research Institute, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Mr. Tan Liang, in his speech titled "AI-Driven Lighting Design Thinking," combined his previous teaching and practice of AIGC design to explore the application of artificial intelligence in lighting design, such as machine learning and data analysis. He discussed the technical challenges and solutions faced in realizing intelligent lighting systems. Through case analysis, he demonstrated how artificial intelligence can actually improve lighting design, comparing the effects and efficiency of traditional lighting design with AI-driven lighting design. He further predicted how artificial intelligence will further revolutionize the field of lighting design and how lighting designers can adapt to this technological change, including the new skills and ways of thinking required.

Awarding Certificates of Appreciation


The host of the Light + Interior session was Mr. Zhu Lidong, AALD Chongqing Coordinator and Senior Member, and Associate Professor at Chongqing Vocational College of Industry and Commerce. After the interactive session, Mr. Zhu Lidong and Secretary-General Ma Bin of the AALD, representing the organizing unit of the forum, presented the certificates of appreciation to the speakers Ms. Kang Chenggu and Mr. Zou Hui.

The host of the Light + Architecture session was Ms. Wu Jing, the founder of Gao Ying Cultural Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. After the interactive session, Ms. Wu Jing and Secretary-General Ma Bin presented the certificates of appreciation to the speakers Mr. Shi Haixiao and Mr. Yu Ce Hao.

The host of the Light + City session was Ms. Li Jing, an AALD member and the Director of Henglong Lighting Design. After the interactive session, Ms. Li Jing and Assistant Secretary-General Zhu Yuerong of the AALD presented the certificates of appreciation to the speakers Mr. Wang Tian and Mr. Feng Tiancheng.

The host of the Light + Art session was Madam Yan Yonghong, the Chairperson of the AALD and Professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University. After the interactive session, Madam Yan Yonghong presented the certificates of appreciation to the speakers Ms. Lin Yandan and Mr. Zhang Zengzeng.

The host of the Light + AIGC session was Mr. Wang Junjie, an AALD Senior Member. After the interactive session, Ms. Zhu Yuerong and Mr. Wang Junjie presented the certificates of appreciation to the speakers Mr. Tan Liang and Mr. Zhang Jing.

Summary and Outlook


Mr. Ma Bin

Mr. Ma Bin, Secretary-General of AALD, said: "This forum not only showcased new technologies and concepts in lighting design but also highlighted the significant role of light in our daily lives. By delving into the application of light in various fields, we aim to inspire designers' innovative thinking. For the 21st Asian Lighting Art Forum in 2025, we look forward to seeing more possibilities and innovative practices related to light, further driving the development of the lighting art and design industry."
He also mentioned that looking forward, AALD plans to deepen international exchanges and cooperation, promote digital and intelligent development, strengthen market operations and brand building, and cultivate industry talents to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Asian Lighting Art Forum

The Asian Lighting Art Forum, established in 2005, has invited nearly 200 heavyweight guests from the global lighting industry to speak over the past 20 years. The lineup of speakers has been impressive, including Academician Wu Shouxian from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Cui Kai from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, contemporary renowned artists Zhong Biao, Chen Wenling, and Shen Shaomin, Master of National Engineering Survey and Design Sun Yimin, renowned architects Zhou Xuewang, Qi Bin, Yu Ting, and Zhang Ming, renowned lighting designers and experts HAO Luoxi, Yan Yonghong, Zhao Honghong, Rong Haolei, Xu Dongliang, LiANG Zheng, Shi Hengzhao, Chen HanTong, Lai Yunong, Lin Yandan, Chikatetsu Kobayashi, Omi Katsuragi, Zhou Lian, Louis Claire, Charles Stone, Lin ZhiMing, Zhang Xin, Wang Xuecheng, and renowned interior designers JiANG Feng and Chen Lijian, among others (in no particular order).