Yan Yonghong

Yan Yonghong
Company:School of Architecture and Urban Planning Chongqing University
Job:Head of the Department of Architectural Technology and Science,Chairman of AALD

Job title and positions in the industry:

Director of China Illuminating Engineering Society
Director of Building Lighting Research Office, National Low Carbon Lighting Research Center
Vice Chairman of Chongqing Illuminating Engineering Society
Executive Director of Chongqing Society of Civil Engineering and Architecture / Director of Building Physics Committee
Government Procurement Expert of Chongqing Municipal Government
Expert of Chongqing Municipal Planning Commission
Editorial Board Member of "Journal of Lighting Engineering" (English Edition)
Invited Review Expert of "Journal of Lighting Engineering"
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Lamps and Lighting" magazine
Chairman of AALD


Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Urban Planning from Chongqing Institute of Architecture and Engineering in 1988, and was assigned to Chongqing Municipal Design Institute to engage in planning and architectural design work. In 1994, obtained a master's degree in Interior Design from Chongqing University of Architecture and Engineering (formerly Chongqing Institute of Architecture and Engineering), and in 1999, completed a Ph.D. in Architectural Optics. Joined the teaching staff of Chongqing University of Architecture and Engineering and successively served as a lecturer, associate professor, professor, and doctoral supervisor. Visiting scholar at the University of Manitoba and the University of Calgary in Canada in 2004-2005.


Mainly engaged in urban lighting planning, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, and ecological building technology research.
Published more than 60 papers, co-authored 2 textbooks, won 5 awards from China Illuminating Engineering Society, and received 6 provincial and ministerial-level awards.


Project cases/Awards:
1.Principal investigator of 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects ("Research on the Light Environment and Photobiological Safety of Classrooms" 51178483, "Research on Healthy Lighting in Classrooms Based on Photobiological Effects" 50778182), and led 1 open topic of a national key laboratory. Principal investigator of 4 scientific and technological projects funded by the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission/Construction Committee. Participated as the first principal investigator in projects funded by the Chongqing Health Bureau and the China-U.S. Clean Energy Research Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, such as "Research on Design and Control Methods of New Lighting Systems". Participated in several government consultation projects such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Consultation and Evaluation Project and the Science and Technology Consultation Project of the Academic Department of the China Association for Science and Technology.

2.Led the compilation of the "Guidelines for Urban Night Lighting Design in Chongqing" and participated in the compilation of the "Technical Guidelines for Architectural Facade Decoration Design". Participated in the review work of national standards such as "Urban Lighting Planning Specifications" and "Technical Specifications for Urban Night Lighting in Chongqing", as well as the "Technical Regulations for Maintenance of Road Lighting Facilities in Chongqing". Led the completion of night lighting planning in more than ten cities in western China, and as the project leader, completed lighting planning and nearly a hundred indoor and outdoor lighting design projects in over ten cities in China.


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