Chang Zhigang

Chang Zhigang
Company:Central Academy of Fine Art
Job:Professor, Doctoral Supervisor,Executive Director of AALD

Industry titles and positions:
Director of International Media Architecture Association China
Executive Director of Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD)
Member of China Green Building and Energy Conservation Committee
Executive Director of China Lighting Society
Member of China Artists Association
Member of Environmental Design Art Committee
Peer Review Expert for National Natural Science Foundation Projects
Review Expert for National Art Fund


March 2004: Youth Teacher Award from *** Education Foundation for Higher Education
September 2008: Advanced Individual in Olympic Work at the Central Academy of Fine Arts
October 2008: Advanced Worker in Olympic Work in the Capital Education System
December 2008: Outstanding Talent in Olympic Engineering Planning, Surveying, and Design Industry in Beijing
October 2009: Second Prize of Beijing Education Teaching Achievements (Higher Education) Award (Ranked second)
December 2009: Gold Award for Olympic Subway Interior Design at the 11th National Art Exhibition (Ranked third)
April 2011: Selected as a participant in the New Century Talents Program by the Ministry of Education


Academic Papers (partial):
1. Published more than 20 academic papers in professional journals and academic conferences such as "Architectural Journal," "Architect," and "World Architecture," including 5 papers published in "Architectural Journal" (hosted by China Architectural Society).
2. Chang Zhigang, Design of Brightness - Integrated Research on Light and Space, Architectural Journal, March 2002.
3. Chang Zhigang, Zhan Qingxuan, Outline of Space Visual Design and Lighting Energy Saving based on Luminance Space Concept, Architectural Journal, September 2003.
4. Chang Zhigang, Light and Space, Students experiment with light in boxes, Professional Lighting Design. No.38.42-43.07/08-2004 (the highest-level professional publication in the world lighting design industry).
5. Chang Zhigang, Research on integrative design of Light and Space, 26th Session of CIE 4 July-11 July 2007, Beijing (CIE, the International Commission on Illumination, is the highest academic institution in the field of lighting worldwide, holding a conference every four years, with papers from lighting design experts and scholars from around the world), and included in the 5th article of "China Lighting Engineering Yearbook (2007)".
6. Invited speech, Zhigang Chang, Light as cues of space, 2005 International Lighting Symposium: "Life Style Lighting for Modern Cities," November 22-23, 2005, Hong Kong, China.
7. Chang Zhigang, Interior Design of Olympic Branch Line and Airport Express Extension, November 2007.
8. Chang Zhigang, Clues to the Development of Media Architecture, Art Research, April 2015.
9. Invited to participate in the "Asian Lighting Forum" held by the Korean Lighting Association in Seoul and give a speech; attended the "Open City" Summit of the International Association of Schools of Architecture in Seoul and gave a speech; attended the "Media Architecture Biennale and Summit Forum" (MAB2014) held in Denmark and gave a speech;
10. At the invitation of the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Sydney, attended MAB16 and delivered a speech titled "Visual Beijing Implementation Outline" at the forum on "Smart Cities and Urban Innovation".


Patent: Invention Title:

Experimental Light Box for Auxiliary Design of Architectural Space, application number 03256654.9, approved in January 2004. Inventor: Chang Zhigang.

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