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About Symposium
Organized by YGLS and Messe Frankfurt, Asia Lighting Arts Symposium (originally named Guangzhou International Lighting Technology Symposium) is one of the most important symposiums in the lighting industry of China. Since 2005, the Symposium has been successfully held for ten sessions. The globally well-known lighting experts are invited to deliver speeches which aim at leading the development trend of the industry, focusing on the hot topics and exploring the latest lighting technology and application.

Host: Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Organizer: Guangzhou Yangguang Lighting Service Co.,Ltd (YGLS)
Exclusive Supporter: Asia Association of Lighting Designers
Date: June of each year
Audiences: Lighting designer, landscape designer, architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, municipal management department, real estate developer, lighting manufacturer, colleges and universities/research institution, etc.

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Managing Lighting Projects: from Design to Implementation

The Standardization and Personalization of Lighting(Design) Industry
There Are still so Many Things to Improve in the Benefit of the Lighting Design
Choosing Appropriate Lighting Products for Project
Selecting Right Lighting Products for Lighting Design in Momentum Places
Installation and Management
The Key Factors to Realize High-Quality Lighting Projects (from Construction, Management and Maintenance)
Commercial Lighting---Analysis on the Lighting of Wanda Plazas
Albertslund’s Experience in Implementing An Intelligent and Green Lighting Policy
Lighting inspiration in design
Lighting Design

From "Spirit of Place" to Generous Lighting Design
International Trends in Lighting Design
Light and Space
The Integration of Light and Interior Space
Subjective Impressions
Exploring Techniques on Commercial Retail Lighting
Light and Architecture
Quiet Lighting
Powerful Light: the Coruscant and the Transformative



How to Create a Perfect Lighting Design for Hotels
The Design Creativity of Art Installations for City Celebrations of Festivals
The Ancient Architectural Lighting Exploration
Case Study
Light·Reflection·Brightness-Case Study of Light in Architecture
Lighting Design of the Zhengzhou Greenland Plaza Tower
Urban Lighting Management
The Sustainable Development of Urban Lighting -Shared Experience of Lighting Construction and Management
Indoor Lighting
Using Light to Decorate Space-the Combination of Interior Design and Lighting Design
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency of Today and Tomorrow



Ecology, lighting design and energy efficiency
Creating and implementing an urban light show
FLIP the SWITCH, the design of dark field illumination
Professional Development
Quality of Lighting Design Profession- Quality of Lighting Design
The Role of LEED in Lighting: How Sustainability is Influencing Lighting Design
Case Studies
The Minimalist of Light----Reformation and Energy-saving
The Combination of Art and Technology in Lighting Design
Healthy Lighting
Contrast analysis of demands for different age groups



The perfection of lighting design details
Ecology, lighting design and energy efficiency
The artistry and functionality of urban public lighting
Integrating daylight into lighting design
Professional development
How the profession and service of Lighting designer can be recognized by clients
The process management of lighting design
Sustainable lighting design approach for tall buildings
Energy saving planning and initiative for street lighting
Molding architecture out of light
Case studies
Light, free sketching, and metaphysical space
The cultural element embodied in nightscape heritage architecture lighting
The influence of LED in lighting design
Light and human beings: essential elements for LED lighting design




Trend and new concept of lighting design
The art of lighting design
Promoting new generation of solid state lighting: the innovation technology & system improvement solution of LED
Architects’ understanding and demand on lighting design
Retail lighting vs. customer psychology
Case studies
Lighting, Ignite imagination
The integrated solution of architecture lighting design
The thinking on energy-saving of Guangzhou street lighting
Lighting design in energy concious times - A practical design philosophy
Case study on high-efficiency of LED Lighting



Landscape and architecture lighting
Landscape lighting & sustainable urban development strategy
Cultural concerns in landscape and lighting plan for urban spaces
Iconic lighting ∕ lighting design as a city landmark
Night time city lighting ( Spirit of places)
Interior lighting
Matching interior design and lighting design
Lighting in museums and galleries
Lighting in hotels, restaurants, club house presenting space through light
Public lighting
European experience sharing: creating high-tech public lighting experience by rethinking the future of light
LED technology
LED solution in US: color and light-humanizing the urban night-time environment


LED Technology:

The application of LED in lighting design—LED city
Application trend of LED in traditional lighting
Cost management of lighting
Lighting designer and cost control for lighting project
Urban lighting planning&management:
Urban lighting planning
Urban lighting management
Landscape Lighting:
Landscape designers’ demand for lighting design
Urban landscape’s lighting design-landscape and architectural impression created by light
Architectural lighting&interior lighting:
Architects’ demand for lighting design
Business architectural lighting(building, store, hotel)-the architectural light melt in city
Civil architectural lighting(for residence)
The interior lighting method of special architectural space


Urban Lighting Section:

Planning and Design of Urban Lighting
Energy saving, control and environment
- the research and practice of green lighting technology of national gym
Theater and religion architectural lighting
- How they correspond with public space
Landscape Lighitng
Architectural Lighting Section:
The contemporary architectural lighting(from architects’ angle
-The happy light of Architecture
The lighting design demand of antient architectural lighting and contemporary architectural lighting(huge public building, urban landmark)
LED Section:
In the interior and outdoor lighting, can LED provide better light than standard light source?
The future of lighting: capacity solid state lighting and general mistakes of people
The combination of LED and architecture
Interior Lighting Section:
Interior design and lighting (from interior designer’s angle



Lighting of Road and Landscape

Issues about city road lighting design
Philosophical thinking about function and decoration of road lighting
Museum and Interior lighting design
Culture Fashion Business- the business utility of museum exhibition lighting
Lighting of light source & LED
lighting features of Different kinds of Source
City landscape (Garden) lighting
Night view of the combination of creational landscape and construction
Lighting design of Tianjin Bei'an Bridge Light landscape of Informatization
Lamps design
the Lamp Design and Utility of City Outdoor Lighting
From lamps to controllably illuminous materials
light design of construction lighting
Lighting design of exposed constructions
Lighting design of exposed constructions to understand and to present
The impact that culture have on construction lighting design


Urban Lighting Programming

The Development of Light Source Equipment and Application of Optical Measuring Equipment
The Lighting Design of Museum and Interior Space
The Lighting Design and Standard of Road
The Lighting Design of City Landscape (Garden)
The Lighting Design of Architectural Appearance