The second meeting of CIE TC3-62 was held in Ljubljana


From September 15th to 23rd,2023, the 30th session of International Commission on Illumination (CIE) was held in the Republic of Slovenia, attended by more than 400 representatives from over 30 countries and regions worldwide. During this period, the second technical committee meeting of CIE TC3-62 (Resilient Lighting) was also held. Three experts from China, including the Chairman of AALD, Professor Yan Yonghong from Chongqing University, Professor Lin Yandang and Dr. Hou Dandan from Fudan University, attended the conference.


Professor Yan Yonghong



TC3-62 focuses on studying the role of resilient lighting in post-disaster periods, standards and existing research institutions, research status, challenges, and suggestions for future research directions related to resilient lighting. Yuki AKIZUKI, a professor at the first division of the CIE, is the current chair of this technical committee.

The meeting discussed various electric power shortages during different post-disaster periods in Japan, Turkey, and China. It considered the challenges of resilient lighting in post-disaster rehabilitation, education, rescue missions, and other tasks. The meeting also studied changes in people's mental and physical health during periods of activity and space restrictions and provided corresponding suggestions for resilient lighting and health management measures for different disaster scales and periods.

Professor Lin Yandan



Doctor Hou Dandan

The meeting achieved important progress and deployed the next stage of research work. At the meeting, three scholars from our country reported relevant research content and provided professional input for the development of the technical committee's work.
The resilient lighting is different from emergency lighting. It not only covers emergency lighting but also considers various needs for people to survive, evacuate, rebuild, and maintain healthy lives during special periods. It is of great significance to maintain social stability and people's healthy lives in special periods.


Chinese participants in the session of CIE