Lin Yandan won the "2023 WFEO GREE Women In Engineering Award”


On October 21, 2023, the WFEO announced its awards. Lin Yandan, a Executive Director of AALD and a professor at the School of Information Science and Engineering of Fudan University, won the 2023 WFEO GREE Women In Engineering Award for her achievements in the field of human factors in engineering theory of light environment and her contributions in the fields of aircraft, trains, and automobiles. Professor Lin Yandan is also the fifth winner of this award in the world and the first Chinese female winner.


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Lin Yandan has long been engaged in research in the field of light health, continuously conducting systematic scientific research at the forefront of this uncharted territory. In important pillar manufacturing industries such as aircraft, trains, and automobiles, she has solved common problems related to light safety and health during driving, tackled key technologies that affect safe driving, and achieved a number of academic achievements and invention patents. Based on long-term research experiments, she has formed a fundamental methodology for human factors engineering in the lighting environment and a comprehensive system for assessing light health, which have been applied to the research and development and production of civilian aircraft and multiple model export train cabins. The above-mentioned achievements in the lighting field have received unanimous high praise from the WFEO review panel, which is an important reason for her winning this award.


As an academic researcher in the field of human factors engineering, Professor Lin Yandan is also committed to developing and promoting engineering technology from an industrial perspective. Since 2012, Professor Lin Yandan has organized the China International Automotive Lighting Forum (IFAL) for 11 consecutive years as the founder and chairman, promoting the technological progress and development of China's automotive lighting field.


Introduction to WFEO

Founded in 1968 at the initiative and with the support of UNESCO, WFEO is the world's largest non-governmental engineering organization. It is an A-class consultative body of UNESCO, as well as a consultative body of UNIDO, ECOSOC and other organizations. So far, WFEO has 93 national members, 12 international organization members and 13 associate members.


The WFEO GREE Women in Engineering Award aims to recognize and praised women who have made significant contributions to the engineering field. One woman is selected globally each year to receive this award for her significant contributions in the field of engineering. Since its establishment in 2018, the award has been given to women in various fields such as nuclear engineering, engineering management, materials science, and artificial intelligence in healthcare. This is the first time that the award has been won in the field of lighting engineering, and it is also the first time that a Chinese scientist has received this award. This win not only honors and encourages female engineers for their global contributions, but also reaffirms the significance of lighting science to humanity and fully recognizes the development direction and research height of lighting science. It is believed that under the background of new interdisciplinary fields, lighting science will continue to flourish in serving society and national strategic industries.