AALD senior member Zhu Lidong won the title of "National Skilled Worker"

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the "Decision on Awarding the Title of National Skilled Worker to Outstanding Players in Vocational Skills Competition in 2021-2022". Mr. Zhu Lidong, an AALD senior member, Associate Professor at Chongqing Technology and Business Vocational College, and founder/design director of Fukumitsu LD Zhaodong Guanghui Lighting Design Studio, was awarded the title of "National Skilled Worker" for his outstanding performance in the National Lighting Design Vocational Skills Competition in 2022. It is understood that the other two winners are from Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute.

It is understood that the competition was held in Nanjing from March 10th to 12th this year. A total of 64 "chasing the light" from eight regions across the country gathered together to pour their ingenuity into urban construction. Mr. Zhu Lidong stood out in the competition and won the first prize, ranking second.


Mr. Zhu Lidong had a deep feeling for this competition:“Winning this competition was beyond my expectations. In this competition, more than 60 lighting designers from eight major regions across the country gathered together to compete. Half of the designers had worked in the industry for 10-20 years or more. I originally came to participate in the competition with the attitude of learning from my predecessors and colleagues, and winning the prize was a great surprise. I would like to thank my professional mentor and my beloved teacher, Professor Yan Yonghong from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Chongqing University, who guided me into the lighting design industry. We are all ‘light chasers’, grateful for meeting each other! May the light reach everywhere, bringing only beauty!”