The largest-ever! The 15th Architectural Physics Conference held in Shanghai



On November 17-19, 2023, the "15th Building Physics Academic Conference" of the Architectural Society of China was successfully held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is "Building Physics in the Context of Carbon Neutrality Strategy", focusing on academic research and hot spots in the development of science and technology in the field of building physics, and discussing the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

On the evening of November 17, the Building Physics Branch Council meeting and annual work summary for 2023 were first held. Ms. Yanyonghong, President of the AALD, member of the Building Physics Branch Council, and Professor/Doctoral Supervisor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Chongqing University attended this meeting.


Professor Hualuo Xi,Professor Yan Yonghong


On the afternoon of November 18 and the morning of November 19, two sub-forums on "Building Daylighting and Lighting" were held, with 35 experts, scholars, professionals, and graduate students from across the country giving presentations. Among them, at the sub-forum on the afternoon of November 18, Professor Hualuo Xi from Tongji University, who is also Vice President of CIE, and Professor Yan Yonghong, gave presentations on the topics of "Antarctic Expedition Smart Human Factor Health Support System Research" and "Art and Science - Immersive New Media Public Art Installations" respectively.


From left to right: Bi Yu, Zhai Huifang, He Siqi


On the afternoon of November 18, Dr. Zhai Huifang, a member of AALD and PhD student at Chongqing University, and Dr. He Siqi, an assistant professor at Nanjing Forestry University, gave oral reports on "Research and Exploration of Individual Light Sensitivity Identification Method Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Constitution" and "Indoor Human Light Exposure Calculation Method Based on 'Eye Movement - Field of View' Model" respectively. Associate Professor Bian Yu from the School of Architecture at South China University of Technology, a senior member of AALD, served as the moderator for the second half of the sub-forum on the morning of November 19.


The conference received 463 submissions and accepted 316. There were more than 950 participants, covering 28 provinces, which is the largest-ever in the history of Building Physics Academic Conference.

The conference arranged 8 keynote reports and established 8 sub-forums including Building Thermal and Energy Conservation, Building and Environmental Acoustics, Building Daylighting and Lighting, Quality of Green Building Environment, Building Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls, Urban Microclimate, Healthy and Smart Cities and Buildings, Low-carbon Cities and Buildings. A total of 224 experts, scholars and graduate students gave oral reports, of which 53 were keynote reports and outstanding paper reports. The academic atmosphere in the conference was very strong, and the communication and discussion were lively.


Article contribution: Zhai Huifang
Photography: Cloud Live Streaming Platform for the 15th Building Physics Academic Conference