Asian Lighting Designers Salon

The opening ceremony of the Modi Oriental Art Museum and the innovative art salon were successfully held


On the afternoon of February 25, 2024, the "modi Oriental Art Museum Opening Ceremony and Creative Art Salon" hosted by Shandong Oriental Mansion, Shandong Arts and Crafts Academy, Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD), and Shandong Provincial Institute of Architectural Design & Lighting Planning Design Research Institute was successfully held at the 21st floor Rotunda of Shandong Oriental Mansion.



The opening of modi Oriental Art Museum


In recent years, Oriental Building has been committed to the inheritance and development of glass culture, integrating it into its corporate culture, and refining the unique trinity of "Red Oriental, Colored Glass, and Warm Family" as the fundamental element of its corporate culture. The establishment of modi Oriental Art Museum is an innovative cross-border integration and cooperation, with the aim of leading value enhancement, promoting exchanges and integration of art and culture, sharing and win-win, increasing exchanges and exhibitions of art works, promoting the integration and organic linkage of art resources, facilitating more high-quality art exhibitions, providing the public with more rich content and high-quality art products, and meeting the growing demand for culture and art.


Zang Huiyong, General Manager of Shandong Dongfang Building, made a speech

Song Lei, Shandong coordinator, senior member, and founder of Shandong Sandi Lighting Design and Research Institute, delivered a speech


The Modi Oriental Art Museum is a place for friends to interact with each other through art, aiming to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. It is also an attempt to create a cultural and creative space in the city, empowering urban culture and tourism, and helping establish the city's brand. Mr. Song Lei hopes to pass on this love of art to more people, bringing a warm and relaxed atmosphere to friends who come to the city, making the art museum a place of poetry and distance for everyone.


The opening ceremony of modi Oriental Art Museum


Art and AI theme dialogue


Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the evolution of the economy and culture. For example, intelligent video generation SORA is about to disrupt related industries, the rapid fluctuations in the stock market have ignited the "shovel-selling" in the AI gold rush, and AIGC has shown great potential in the office field. With the advent of the AI era, it is important to pay attention to the impact of AI on employees, and it is necessary to emphasize the importance of employees' mastering AI technology. Mr. Ma Bin also mentioned that in order to adapt to the changes in the AI era, lighting designers should pay attention to the learning of AI technology to better meet the new demand for digital talents in the new era.


Ma Bin, Secretary General of Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD)


Professor Gu Qunye, Dean of the Academic Affairs Office of Shandong Arts and Crafts Academy, shared


The "reality" we think of is actually virtual. Professor Gu proposed the concept of "virtual virtual" in 2016, which roughly means that we are already living in a virtual world and are constantly creating a new virtual world. For the virtual world we create, we are God. He further talked about the relationship between machines and people, which has always been a two-way mutual control between people and machines, rather than the commonly believed control of people over machines. Therefore, he mentioned that our core competitiveness is actually the ability to tell stories. In a sense, the world we live in is a big story, a big game, and a huge program generated by a few lines of code.


Zhang Zhao, Chief Electrical Engineer of Shandong Provincial Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd. Sharing


This article discusses the relationship between artificial intelligence and art and design, as well as how AI technology can be used to make breakthroughs in lighting design and then be extended to the entire construction industry, in order to reduce people's work burden. In addition, it also touches on the contradiction between social development and efficiency improvement, hoping that through the combination of artificial intelligence and design, people can have more time to do what they love.


About Modi Oriental Art Museum


Modi Oriental Art Museum is a comprehensive art museum jointly created by Shandong Oriental Building and Industrial Light Magic® New Media Art, which integrates art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, cultural and creative products, art education and light meal supply. It is jointly created by universities, industry associations, artists, curators, lighting designers, etc., spanning multiple fields and industries such as glass art, calligraphy and painting art, new media art, etc., with art finance and social attributes.